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"An artist is a nourisher and a creator who knows that during the act of

creation there is collaboration. We do not create alone."

~Madeleine L'Engle

Abby's Dream A Magical Dream Picture Book by Heather Wenonah Ellis


Abby’s Dream- A young dream adventurer possesses a magic locket given to her by her teenage sister, Lily, and ventures off to a wondrous dreamland! A magic wolf whisks the sisters away on a magical stargazing adventure exploring the sea and swinging in a mystical forest's trees.


They befriend flying dolphins, dance on water, and float in bubbles above the sea. Abby overcomes her fear of losing her sister to the stars when she listens to the music in the stars and sings the magic words! But the magic locket hadn’t finished its magic yet.


The sisters come to a magical carousel inside a beautiful nebula that came to life with dancing ballerinas, a wolf, a lion, a leopard, a bird, and a star creature. The sisters joined in the dance!

I Am A Book of Poems and Inspired Art by Heather Wenonah Ellis

I AM is a work of art and poetry created by the author. This is a work of impressionistic
photography using mixed mediums to arrive at beautiful paintings.

The author says, “As I travel into my wild, untamed imagination, I discover that art finds me, and it meets me through a camera lens, a sketchbook, a paintbrush, and digital media.

I am moved by colors, whether digitized art, paint on canvas, or photography. I like using mixed mediums too. Colors sway my emotion. I move with the ebb and flow of the art piece I'm working with like it’s breathing...alive.

I work with a greater force than my existence and collaborate with that more significant force. This force, it's frightening, it’s exciting all at the same time. This greater force breathes its colors and energy into my work, and I express it visually, wanting to spark joy and wonder in the eyes of the beholder-you.”

Abby's Journey Home by Heather Wenonah Ellis
Abby's Journey Home

     Abby’s Journey Home is a coming-of-age story about a little girl who goes on a journey to reclaim her throne from her uncle, the evil Lord Fetch. Princess Abby is replaced with a changeling one night by a spriggan at the behest of her jealous uncle. He goes on to steal the royal family’s treasure, the Monarchton.

     Abby has been whisked away through a magic wormhole into another world where she spends her early years in an orphanage. She begins to live an everyday life after being adopted, but what is the face, the shadow that haunts her?

     Abby meets an ally, a magic creature who helps her to understand her destiny. She meets new friends and sets out on an adventure with them to regain her claim to her rightful place as queen of the Five Realms.

Dream Diary by Heather Wenonah Ellis

     Dreaming can be adventurous for children. This colorful, creative dream diary contains 75 pages of illustrations, journal writing, and drawing spaces where the child can capture their dreams.


     Dreams can be magical, funny, and sometimes scary. This diary can help your child write or draw their dreams down in ways that can sometimes be difficult for them to express verbally.


     The child can then bring their dream diary into a conversation with their parents to help them process their dreams, improve their communication skills, and get in touch with their emotions.

Abby's Dream A Magical Coloring Book Adventure by Heather Wenonah Ellis

     Abby's Dream is a whimsical story about a little girl who loves to dance! She hears music in the stars. After seeing a shooting star one night, a magical wolf came to her window and sang, "Come dance with me!"

     She climbed up to her window, took a deep breath, and jumped onto the magic wolf. She wrapped her arms around his furry neck, and off they went.

     She has magical adventures meeting new friends and dancing in wondrous places. But she wonders, was it a dream, or was it real? 

Guardian of the Dream Tree

The beast rising, breaking from its fiery hold, scratching and clawing, spewing its fear and poison, spells of doubt brooding a stench of nightmares. Children's eyes tearing, bedtime dreadful and dreary, awakened in cold sweats, parents are all perplexed, dark circles around their children's eyes, sullen, meek and weak, tired turns slowly to death. What will happen next?

All the nations of the Five Realms are haunted by this message. The dark sorceress, Lady Eve, and her master, the Dragon Beast-the reincarnated Lord Fetch-reign in terror, snatching children and turning them into statues. The magical Dream Tree is under threat. Can the tribes unite and turn the tide of evil? Who is the Wisdom Child and what is the Prophecy surrounding the Child?

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