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My Art

Fine Art Ameria button for art by Heather Wenonah Ellis
Artist Heather Wenonah Ellis

As I travel into my wild, untamed imagination, I discover that art finds me, and it meets me through a camera lens, a sketchbook, a paintbrush, and digital media.
I am moved by colors, whether digitized art, paint on canvas, or photography.  I like using mixed mediums too. Colors sway my emotion. I move with the ebb and flow of the art piece I'm working with like it’s breathing...alive.

I work with a greater force than my existence and collaborate with that more significant force. This force, it's frightening, it’s exciting all at the same time.  This greater force breathes its colors and energy into my work, and I express it visually, wanting to spark joy and wonder in the eyes of the beholder-you.

Carousel Comes To Life.jpeg

Whimsical Children's Art

My Whimsical Children’s Art collection is a fusion of mixed media using photography, sketching, and digital art.

Impressionistic Photography

My Impressionistic Photography is a fusion of nature photography with vibrant colors in a natural setting, oils, and intentional pixelation-pointillism, thus creating impressionistic art.

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