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Heather grew up in a household filled with fairy tales and fantastical stories. Her love for reading and working with children led her down a path as a National Board Certified Teacher, educating students with special needs. She took stories and brought them to life by recreating scenes from books, engrossing the students into the story.



















Her creative spirit journeyed her to Africa where she worked with students on literacy projects for the community. This built a bridge for her to venture out and write an absorbing and imaginative fantasy fiction, Colors of the World: Adventures. This is the first installment of the Legends of the Five Realms Series.

Her creative spirit embarked on a new journey in the second installment of the Legends of the Five Realms Series with Guardian of the Dream Tree in an engaging storyline with new characters encountering some of her favorites from her first book, Colors of the World: Adventures

She loves sharing her storytelling skills with children and writers, whether at creative venues like KidzCon Los Angeles, KidzCon NYC, classrooms, libraries, Orange County Children's Book Festival, local bookstores, Write On Con, and other writing conferences

She also enjoys teaching aspiring writers how to write stories and shares writing tips through her author tube and 



















She lives in Long Beach, California with her family.