How to get your message to land successfully into your audience's world?


The words we speak affect our inner selves and can affect our writing and our ability to connect with our audience.












"Watch your thoughts,

they become words.

Watch your words,

they become actions.

Watch your actions,

they become habits.

Watch your habits,

they become your character.

Watch your charter,

it becomes your destiny."

~Lao Tzu, a mystic philosopher of ancient China

Let's talk about the power of your words, that is, your spoken words in everyday conversations with friends, family members, and colleagues at your workplace. The words you speak identify you and set the boundaries of your life. Your words create your 'world' — everything you are is a function of what you have spoken in the past.

As a writer, sometimes when I want to connect with my audience, I stare at a blank page and wonder, "what I'm going to say"? Sometimes I have a bunch of words on the page, which altogether makes no sense, like a soup of nothingness on a page and an inky blackness, and sometimes just a giant mess!


Sometimes as a speaker standing in front of an audience, you may get nervous to the point where all that comes out of your mouth is one big jumbled mess of words that are not coherent. You just say something or anything, so you don't appear ignorant or have a void in the 'space' before your audience.


Connecting with whom you are in yourself brings us closer to the audience we're reaching. Getting combined with your vision and plugging into your mission in life will help you transition your personal stories into a situation where your audience will gain value out of your speaking and writing endeavors.

The words we speak affect our inner selves. Our human spirit is affected by the words we speak and will, therefore, operate according to such utterances. Take a moment and listen to yourself. How is your body responding? How are your emotions responding?



When I was teaching in the Los Angeles  Unified School District, I would get sick often. I had numerous sinus infections throughout the school year. Much of my illness at the time attributed to stress. Besides, I often uttered negative things like, "I don't feel well, and it's not going to be a good day." Sure enough, I would feel horrible all day, and my students would act out terribly. By the negativity, I spoke into the atmosphere around me; I got it back in reality.

What usually hangs people up is that after saying one thing, they then turn around to say another contrary something. It's 'double talk,' and that's how most of us created the cynical world wherein we have found ourselves today. It's not going to serve you well if you say, for example, "My mission is to enliven, encourage and inspire people," and then turn around to berate a colleague at work, all because the person makes your toes curl.



If you always find yourself speaking and acting out what is contrary to your being, you have canceled your mission. And, we wonder why our lives aren't working the way we desire. No one is exempted from this grave error often committed with our tongue. We are all guilty of this!

If you want to live a life that is full of bliss and personal sense of fulfillment, you need a key that is locked up in your mouth — transform your world by speaking what you want to happen, quieten your emotions, be still and listen. The power of your words can make your story have more impact on your audience.




That is, if you have a point or a message you want to get across, you need to create the environment with words that correlate with that message. Building up the moment, pulling in your audience, and stroking the edges of their minds to receive your point, are very much crucial to getting the message land successfully into their world.



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