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We Can Make Anything By Writing.

~C. S. Lewis



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You can take a look around here on The Clever Writer Portal to see the articles I've written. I also put this website together myself, so I can help you with that too.

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Article writing samples ~ 

Seven Steps to Generate A Good Story and Connect With Your Audience

How to set up and optimize your book cover

Exercise The Writer's Block Out

Seven Step Process to Create a Novel

Do You Know Where You're Going

How to get your message to land successfully into your audience's world?

I wrote this direct response sales letter for a fictitious pet product called Puptastic Naturals.


This will clearly demonstrate to you my ability to write a sales letter. Enjoy!


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I wrote this picturesque persuasive sales letter sample about a restaurant in the setting of an art museum.  


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This is a headline and lead piece sample I wrote for a contest about an informational product sold.

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Clients that I have had the pleasure to work with
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I co-created a documentary/online field trip with one of the Naturalist/and Education Director at the Jack London State Park. 


During the COVID-19 shelter in place order, schools could not gather to learn or take field trips. So, we brought the field trip to them! 

Sustainable Living Beauty Ranch School Tour-2020



"I am a High School student and am currently doing a history research project. I chose Jack London State Historic Park because I have taken a visit to Jack London’s cabin in Oakland and have been invested in learning more. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, I am not able to visit because I am too far to bike or walk and driving is not allowed to the park. I have watched the education tour videos provided on your website and they have helped me answer the history questions.

Thank you!"


I also created the videos for the Take Five With Jack Series posted on their YouTube channel.

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