• Heather W. Ellis

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Every book I've written started out as a dream. Applying that dream was where the real work began. I quickly learned that it was up to me to fan the flame of inspiration by taking the first step off that platform from dreaming into reality with confidence.

When I was a little girl, I loved creating stories with my little brother and sister. We would put on plays for my parents in the evenings and cook dinner for them. Then we'd entertain them with a play we'd create together. We would get dressed up in my mom's fine clothes, put makeup on and trained our little brother to be the waiter and the host for the evening. He was so cute in his eyebrow penciled mustache!

"A book is a dream you hold in your hand."

~Neil Gaiman

I can imagine my parents doing everything they could to not laugh at us but with us. We were young and silly. All that time dreaming, creating and wildly putting productions together to entertain our parents paid off!

So much so, I wrote books! Seven of them. Two are published with a publishing house and two are self published. The others are in waiting.

I have written poetry for years and have shared them with few audiences. I do have a small book on poetry, Quiet Reflections of the Human Spirit, in print now. I have another one I've written. That one is still in the works.

A unique feature of this book, Colors of the World: Adventures, is I've created this story with poems I have written and featured them as a legend and prophecy. My purpose in this story was to inspire confidence in children to stand up to bullies, help them dream beyond what their past circumstances have defined them as, and encourage them to create their world of imagination so they can, in turn, inspire others.

I believe this is reflective of Abagael's character. She is gentle, yet a resilient character who overcomes her past learning to trust her heart and opens herself up to new exciting adventures which leads her to her true self as Queen of the Five Realms.

I believe it is our responsibility to help foster creativity, imagination and a love for reading in children. And that is my hope for this book, that it does just that!

Happy reading! Heather